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2013 GTS?


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To be honest, I like the GTS program because of the options avaiable and that deep draw hood design.


You can start with a basic GT or Premium GT in a wide variety of colors, add the basic GTS package, choose from list of options available on most other Shelbys like HP and handling extras and build most anything you want.


It's kind of like going to a restaurant where you have to start with a deep draw hood appetizer, but after that, you can order a la carte from a very full and complete menu.


When I decided I wanted Shelby, I went to the website and it took all of 2 minutes to land in GTS territory.

It was exactly where I wanted to go with my build.

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About the only change I can see is the side stripes and back stripes.


Other than that, it is available with the same variety of options as the 2012 GTS.


On the whole, it looks to be pretty much the same as the 2012 except for Ford's OEM design changes.

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Yes, the only real changes, it appears from Shelby's end, are the stripes. Ford obviously redesigned the front and rear for '13 but the GTS front end replaces all the factory changes, so it will look the same up front. The rear obviously will be different. So if you are trying to tell the difference between a '13 and ours, lol, you'll have to see the stripes or the rear end!

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I give it a thumbs up.

But I have no regrets not waiting.

I haven't decided whether I like the "GTS" on the faux gas cap.

I like how it gives the GTS a little more identity. I also like how they styled the letters.

I'm was happy keeping the pony on my GTS. I think a "snake" option would have been nice.

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