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A small step toward restoring my faith in our future...

Anton Ruighaver

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Hey folks,


I wanted to share a quick story with all of you. Last night, JRZYCOBRA and I met-up at ~9:15pm at a local Dunkin Donuts to participate in the Rev Your Shelby Tribute at 9:55pm (EDT). When I arrived, I noticed a group of "kids" there hanging out with their cars, 2 Mustangs (SN95 Cobra & S197), a 90's Camaro, a 90's Firebird, and a few other imports. When we pulled in, they immediately acknowledged our cars and recommended we park in a certain area up front where they quickly joined us.


What really struck (read: impressed) me was the amazing respect and revere they ALL voiced for Mr. Shelby, his history, charity, and the impact he had on their lives. During the time leading up to the tribute, a few of them went on and on about what an amazing icon he was to them, and it was really nice to hear. Yes, they loved our cars, but they seemed far more interested in talking about how Carroll's legacy had shaped their work ethic and the things they chose to do with their cars.


At 9:55pm we revved them up and made our own small, yet fitting tribute to the man we all respected so much. Here was a group of about 10 small town, working class kids that just "get it" in a way that I thought may have long since been lost.


In a time when it seems that youthful disrespect and entitlement attitudes reign, I drove home with the top down and a smile on my face feeling just a little more encouraged...



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Agreed that THIS generation, like EVERY generation, has some winners and losers. Simply pining away that "Kids today don't know nuthin'" is ignorant, and it misses the point that there are many great people born in ANY era.

The current war effort is INDEED a great example of that.


Thanks for sharing, Anton!



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Very cool! I'm always amazed at they young people (pre-teens) that recognize the name, the cobra and admire and respect the car! Good to hear we're not losing a generation! Thanks for sharing!

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