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Smoked/Tinted Taillights

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I would never put smoked lenses on the tail lights if I was driving. But headlight covers have kept my headlights scratch-free for years.


For head light covers I have used the ones from Lund for years with great results, though I don't like their lettering on them so I painted over it (with mixed results). The new ones they are currently showing say "AVS" on them, but you can see the lip on the bottom edge that keeps them stuck where thet are supposed to be:




I recently bought the better looking covers from Am Muscle ($60 - see photo) but they do not fit well. The lower half does not have the same lip that secures under the lower edge of the headlight like the Lund ones do. They look great and I would use these for car shows but I had both of them pry off the lower part of the headlights while driving.




The GTO (or GTS???) ones don't seem to lock on as well as the Lund's either.





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I bought the smoked headlight covers, still have them on the car, they are quite a bit cheaper than regular smoked headlights but I think the regular smoked headlights and tail lights look better. The covers look cheap. The reason I don't change over is because in Wisconsin they are illegal so if a cop stops me I can just take them off.

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