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Tuning the KR

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Ive searched but cannot find. is it worth just tuning the stock KR? and how much HP are we talking and who's tune? Ive purchased a BAMA tune for my V6 MCA PP Daily Driver and love it but was wondering if a KR tune will knock my socks off.


IMO not worth it

It already has the ford procal tune in it. (Safe and can run basically any octane 91etc) Excellent tune

A tuner will only be able to add a couple degrees of timing and or lean it out some(maybe 15hp). They can raise the rev limiter and or shut off the speed limit.

Definitely not going to knock your socks off ,thats for sure.

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Iinstalled a tune with my TVS from a very reputable person. I've also used the Procal, and the stock KR tune. They all feel about the same to me, but I know for sure that the KR and Procal tune are much safer. And for the possible small HP gain, it's not worth it to me to run an aftermarket tune. Too many things were shut off and it wouldn't have passed inspection. I'm currently running the Procal tune.

This can't be done with the 07-09 GT500, they need a different cold air intake and MAF sensor. A GT500 will need these upgrades and a tune. Not the KR

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