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2009 with Alcantra seats

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Do any of you have/have info on 2009 GT 500's with Alcantra in the seat inserts? I bought my car used, but the seats 'look' to be original or a high quality upgrade. All of the pics I have seen of cars with red inserts are with the standard preforated glossy red leather. Also, if I remember correctly, the red insert seat cars had matching red door inserts as well. Mine is all black. Please help! Would like to know the origin of these and/or how many cars came this way. It is an all option car.

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Thanks for the comments. I was really happen with the results. Total costs for the leather and labor of the 4 seats and door panels was around $1200 - $1300. The work was fast - took about a week and i think I had to leave the car for 1 day while they worked on the driver seat. Never left the car over night. Of course I live about 20 mins away. The boot was done by Redline http://www.redlinegoods.com/shiftboot.php but the shop could have made one for me too. The boot had already been ordered was just just waiting to be installed.

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The shop is in Santa Fe Springs, CA. They are called Santana Upholstery (562- 941-5830) and they are a very small shop. FYI, they speak a little english (mostly spanish) but enough english that you can communicate with them and they will do a kick ass job!


Let me know if you have any other questions!



562-355-5798 (cell)

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