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285/35/18 and 255/40/18

Chuck Gorzenski

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Hi all.


I have a simple (perhaps stupid) question.


As I need to buy a new set of tires for my '08 GT500 perhaps someone can tell me, if this tire sizes do fit well / are recommendable to the stock 18" Shelby wheels ?


I'm thinking of this sizes:



285/35/18 or 275/35/18



255/40/18 or 255/45/18


I do very appreciate your comments and sharing your experiences.


Greetings from Switzerland


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Was it mine, Chris?

No, Randy's white '11. He's running 285/35/18s up front and 305/35/18s on the rear on the stock size rims. Work great. No major bulge on the rears either. He's running the 555rIIs and likes them a bit better than the NT01s in 275/40 squared.

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