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reverse sensors


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Does anyone know if these will fit on our 13 shelbys?




I know it says excludes shelbys but look at these pictures to see the rear bumpers.




this is a v6 with the sensors from ford on right on the lower bumper but above the rear "valance/diffuser"




Here is a shelby from the same angle. I don't understand why the sensors wouldn't be able to fit in literally the exact same place on the shelby as they do on the v6, which would be right above the rear diffuser on the bumper. If anything I think they would fit easier since it looks like there is slightly more room in that section of the rear bumper.



Any ideas why americanmuscle says it doesn't fit? I have wondered why ford didn't include these on shelbys along with the rear camera. I know the rear camera doesn't work because our spoiler angle is different. But why on earth wouldn't these work they mount in the exact same spots.


Any input is appreciated thanks.

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