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Most Restriction, stock cats or mufflers?


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On our GT500's, which item has more exhaust flow restriction, stock cats or mufflers??


My '08 is Dyno Jet dynoed at 600 rwhp, 625 rwtorque, w/16.5# boost @ 700 engine hp. I have the new MRT Hi-flow H-pipe (reduced cats) with Corsa Sport Mufflers (straight thru). But, too loud for normal use, crusing, and hearing my music:} Option 1: Stay with MRT H-pipe & stock mufflers (quieter, louder & lower tone then stock). Option 2: Stock H-pipe & cats with Corsa's (louder then option 1, sounds great, may be more restictive?).


If I stay with MRT Hi-flow H-pipe, any suggestions on a quieter, baffled performance muffler?

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