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Octaine booster

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Have yet to find 93 Octane in California. When breaking in my '11, and for sometime after, I'd mix in some 100 Octane racing gas with the 91 Octane that is normally available at the pump. 100 Octane is available at a very random smattering of stations across California, two happen to be within 5 miles or so of my house. (One wild rumor I heard was the Saratoga 76 station added the 100 Octane pump to make a local Veyron owner happy.) One must be willing to empty ones wallet at the pumps for this to work, 100 Octane is insanely expensive..


I've sort of given up the mixing habit. At 15K miles the car isn't new and I baby it a bit less, and i just didn't really notice any difference in performance. In theory, the difference between 93 and 91 should be well within the scope of the stock tune to deal with such that the engine doesn't take damage (or Ford really shouldn't be selling GT500's in California).


There are mix ratio calculators out there, like this one.



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