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Shelby tank install

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I am in the process of installing the Shelby Radiator, Heat Exchanger, and Aluminum Reservoir tanks.


For those of you that have done this, or have a Shelby modded vehicle with the cooling upgrade package...what hose is used to connect the Intercooler tank to the engine? The stock hose is too short, and bending a straight hose gets really close to the PS pump. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


Also, what is everyone using to clean these as they seem to be raw brushed aluminum.



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Im doing that too shortly, wasnt aware there was a problem with hose till now, I read somewhere today a hose was availble but $65 . cant seem to find it now, needs pics of some installedto get an idea., I bought the 3 pack until the red capped performance intercooler tank comes in.

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There is another thread on this, I installed the tanks and the perfect hose for the job can be found at Napa Auto parts ( has the correct bends) part# 11309, you just need to cut the one end down to size and works looks stock. I ended up covering all my hoses with braided hose covers prior to the reinstall. Looks killer

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I went to the local auto parts store and looked at their Gates Belts and Hose catalog.

I found one that I had to cut but worked great.


Ditto on the above. Actually I used a coat hanger to mock up the shape and length of hose I needed and took it to the parts store and found a hose off the rack that was close enough to modify. Crude, but effective.

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