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Registration for Mini Nats 28 is open....


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Join Team Shelby and Shelby American at the 28th annual Norcal Shelby Mini Nats at Sears Point in Sonoma CA August 3rd thru 5th, 2012.


This event is part of the 50th Anniversary Tour, features three days of open track at one of the finest facilities anywhere, the Team Shelby Pacific Coast region sponsored car show on Friday August 3rd and the banquet this year will be hosted by Denbeste Motorsports at their great facility in Windsor CA amidst Bill's fantastic Cobra shop and Shelby collection. (Transportation will be provided to Denbeste's from the host hotel and the track)



Our headquarters hotel will be the Embassy Suites Hotel in San Rafael. Our reservation block is now available for you to book your rooms. You should tell them that you are with the Nor Cal Shelby Club in order to get our rates, which are listed below (book appropriately):


$129 for 1 person

$135 for 2 people

$139 for 3 people


Embassy Suites

101 McInnis Parkway

San Rafael, California, 94903, USA




This is an absolutely fantastic event!

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Going so far...


Andy Pecota

Tom Dankel

Kevin Patten

Rick Yates

Michael McGuirk

Dana "idrathergolf"

Doug "Wingrider"

Alex "vapor08GT500"


5 DOT 0


Jim Coenen

Russ Potts

Elite 1

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It's getting a little tight in here - better tell FordFan1 to get some of those tow hooks made up for you boys and set up a booth at the exit of turn 2. :eek5: That's usually where the talent runs out. :hysterical3::poke::stirpot:

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Boy this is coming up fast.... a little over a month away.


Really looking forward to Sear's Point, getting together with everyone and dinner amongst Bill Denbeste's collection Saturday night!


Thanks to Rick, i now have race tires for the 350, sub-2 minute laps here i come!

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Someone say sub 2 minutes.... :worship:



We can also run them on the Limer for some sessions, we were both knocking on the 2 minute door with street tires in her two years ago.

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Anyone have an extra helmet available? I might have a passenger and he doesn't have one, size large I would say.



Borrowing a helmet at the track is usually pretty easy.

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The Embassy Suites is fully booked. There is a Sheraton Four Points in San Rafael, it is two minutes from the Embassy Suites.


Also, if you have not signed up for the dinner at Denbeste's, please do so. It will greatly help with the planning.

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