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"Red Rocket Edition"

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I must say that red appearance edition looks great,but I like the name of the Canuck version a little better "THE RED ROCKET EDITION" sounds a little more like the character of the car.I hope for 08 we get a new colour or two and some unigue add on packages.I'm getting swamped with calls on the new KR and by the looks of it coming out in spring 08 it sounds like an 09 model to me as build-out for the prior year is in May.All good news to my customers on the 09 wish list.I was hoping myself for a minimum 3 yr build. As far as the KR goes I doubt we will see it up here to the demand and posible stupid Canuck safety issues on adding new bumpers hood etc.without crashing a few cars.Thats why the Canadian market never got any GT-350's or Hertz's and God no don't change that serial # at the Shelby plant, our Canuck computers won't be compatible.Almost time up here to get those Shelby's and my Harley out of Hybrination,have a great and safe driving and riding summer!Scott Svt Guy

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