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kb 3.6

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Has anyone went to a smaller pulley on the 3.6 and if so how much boost where you running. thanks



To keep the unique Super Snake pulley in place on my 3.6LC, and to gain additional power (if I choose to), I am going to go a different direction and use a 10% pulley on the crank.


This is not an option for everyone because of the cost, but I came across the balancer assembly shown below for sale for considerably less $$$ than the "new" price. This particular 10% unit was removed from a zero mile 500SCJ that is being converted to a turbo. There was no way that I would ever come across the deal that I got on this balancer anywhere else, especially "new" condition. It will allow me to keep the unique/big 3.6LC Super Snake pulley and still be able to gain some power if I choose to. I believe this is also available in 15%.........












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