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Need your stock GT500 coil covers


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I'm looking for 2-3 sets of stock GT500 coil covers. If you've upgraded your coil covers and have your old ones sitting on the shelf, let me know what you'd take for them. Please and thank you.




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Thanks Fellas, it means a lot to me! I've got a few extra sets heading my way next week so now I can exchange them out with people. I bought 10 extra GT500 strut bars too!



Have a great weekend everyone, especially my friends that are heading to Fab Fords. This is the first time I've missed that show since '08. May your burnouts be long and smokey!



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you do some nice work Brian ! you and . on a side note you and i went to SEMA in 2010 for the same motorsports co. i have the vista blue Roush 428 and wife has the black SGT





Thanks Jim! Hope you've been doing well.


Did a couple more sets today.




The hydro dipped ones are not spoked for if anyone's interested in them, let me know. They're looking for a good home.





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Wow, I love the ford wrinkle Blue with polish, how much? PM me...



PM sent!


I would be interested in a set in black. It's been asked several times, so here we go, how much???



Sorry, I haven't been online much. You guys are keeping me pretty busy in my shop.


Two color powder coated set is $200

SIngle color powder coat with polished letters/fins is $240.

Hydro dipped set is $240

Hydro dipped set w/ polished letters/fins $280.


These prices include a new set of covers and delivery to your door anywhere in the US. Your stock covers are good for a $90 core charge if you mail them back to me after the swap.


Wow Brian...That is awesome work!!!!


Looks incredible!!!





Thank you sir! I've got several polished sets I'm going to have done sometime next week to show off.

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I'm interested in an exchange. I have a 13 shelby. Are they the same? I'm sure they are.


The theme under my hood I'm going with is blue and carbon fiber. What would be a good combo to go together with that? I was thinking if maybe you could do a hydro carbon one if you don't do real carbon fiber, and maybe do blue lettering with the lines and such? But in a light blue like the manifold cover I think those blue covers are on the engines?


PM me if you are able to do this and I will be able to exchange my stock unit for it.

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Any word on mine?? : /



Went out today with a bunch of others. Sorry for the delay.


Here's lots of pics.



Stock hood vents for for Ed, painted/hydro dipped.







Did some Candy black emblems for Clint. Congrats to Clint (blueovalkid) on the newest little member to your family too!!!





Red emblems







Some more coil covers. :)



couple more. The ones on the right are all polished letters and wrinkle powders. The ones on the left are white letters w/ gloss red and black powder.





Polished ones



Two colors



Did a couple of strut bars too. I've got tons of these stock strut bars if anyone else wants one.



While I'm showin off, I wanted to show you guys my paint guns.


Just got these first two a few weeks ago.


New primer gun



Haven't decided what I'm going to dedicate this gun to yet, but I just had to get it. Every so often SATA comes out with a limited edition gun and this was last years. I really wanted a digital version of it, but I was lucky to find this one. It's call a "Heart & Soul" edition.






Here's my fleet.



I just got a new SATA minijet last week too for my ceramic coating jobs, but I don't have a picture of it.


Thanks for looking!



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Brian powder coated a set of coil covers for my 2012 GT 500. They look fantastic! Brian is great to deal with and he does what he says he will do. Which is rare anymore. I plan to get him to do other parts for me.

Billy Davis

Knoxville, TN


Any pics Billy?

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I just upgraded my SGT 4.6L valve covers from stock simple metal to the nice black Shelby scripted ones...I'm very happy with these, but I didn't know if you wanted my old ones to take a shot at something for the SGT crowd.


Let me know if you want them and I'll send them to you if you'd like...they're all yours, my friend!



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