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My Mustang does something very similar, but only as it gets cold out.

Sadly, after checking ...Everything... no problem has been located. In fact, a troubleshooter for Ford even said theres nothing wrong.

Either way, yours is every start I assume?

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Sorry i forgot the give more info.


This problem is when the car has not been used for a couple days.

When its turned on and you turn it off after a minute and restart the engine after a minute it starts without any problems.

It was 47F out side.

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It sounds like we have a very similar problem; when I have that odd laggy start, I turn the key to off and then back forwards and the car starts with no issues at all. The only difference is I don't have that funny engine sound, granted I have 2 less cylinders and 1 less supercharger...

Either way, I'll investigate my problem a little more and mention that I've seen another Mustang with this issue to anyone interested in it, and if I find anything I'll post it. Otherwise I'll be watching this thread for news.

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Oke the garage just called and it looks like they found the problem. The sensor that measures the temperature of the gas(petrole) is faulty.



What will they think of next? You learn something new everyday! :drop:

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