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Got My 2012 Certificate From Ford

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Got my official certificate today for my '12 Convertible. #222 of 909 verts and #10 of 39 Grabber Blue verts. Not sure what the coupe #s are. Sounds like they made a quite a few convertibles for 2012 though.





They made 950 Verts for 2011, so they actually made less in 2012. I bet they made around 4500 coupes since they average around 5500 total a year. They didn't send you a 2012 production sheet?

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Took about a week to get it. They did send a total production sheet as well. I tried to attach to PDF scan but the file was too big. I'll try to work on a solution. Looks like I have 1 of 8 GB convs that did not get the SVTPP. Probably makes it less desireable but I preferred the standard wheels and stripes.


Looks like total production of 4834 cars, with 3929 coupes and 905 verts.





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