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Borla/Shelby exhaust

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Probably been beat to death here, but I see they are on sale ( mufflers) Good choice?



I have the S-types, which are different than the 05-10 Stingers, and they sound great w/no drone...


Borla stingers are nice but aren't loud enough for me. What year do you have? I have a 2010 and I'm going to get the Roush extreme kit....sounds awesome . ..YouTube it



I had the Extremes on my 08 and they do sound awesome...

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I just installed the Dynomax cat back 3" SS system on my 08. It is a straight thru design. (small glass pack where muffler used to be) Part #39460.


Fit was perfect. If you’re looking for loud these are it. Kind of has a stock car sound between 4,000 and 6,000 RPM. My only issue is the noise right at 2,000 RPM, kind of loud in 6th at 70MPH; it does go away at 80 so I can live with it. Dynomax also will give u a $75 visa card with purchase. Jegs has a great price on them with racer discount, around $300 after rebate, pretty good deal for SS cat back.


I was shocked when I took off the factory mufflers to see they were not SS, plain old aluminized muffler.




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