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HAPPY BIRTHDAY mywickedshelby !!

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Happy Birthday Michael.................... Your a good man Wick and I honored to call you my friend and brother.



Hope your day is full of love joy and happiness.................and a little Shelby Time. :peelout:

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Thank you all so much.

BTB, 94, Dan, Doug/Sandy, Grabber, Sexystang, JDWhsky, Harald, Grsy, Jim, Jeff, 350lp, Scoobs, Sherri, Ken, Mr Clark, Snake Doctor....

Your birthday wishes and your friendships enhance my life.

I too am honored to call you all my friends.

It was great seeing many of you at the bash.

Thank you again.

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Holy crap almost missed this thread.... :drop:



Happy belated B Day Wick... :beerchug: ....Hope you had a great time my friend.... :salute:




thank you Keith!

Michael took Dale and I out to dinner to my favorite restaurant in NYC and treated.

I was floored at the very suggestion....and the experience was one of the best in my life.

It was a very happy birthday for a very proud Dad!

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Hey Michael,

Happy Birthday. I didn't forget, like somebody in Nova Scotia. Really.


I hopped on my computer at home yesterday morning to post a pic for you and pics of Gabe's visit. My computer took 10 minutes to log on to the internet and 15 minute to load TS. Photobucket never finished loading. Once TS finally came up, I couldn't post or reply to anything. CenturyLink says it is my computer, not their system. I'm curious what it will do when I try to log in after work.:banghead:


Hope you had a good one!

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