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Mustang Alley


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Not going to happen this year.


So is this declaration you are not doing regardless if TS is not doing?


You have been there every year since I got my car. Certainly would miss your being there. Of course it means I have a better chance in the drawings.



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I'm signed up for this year, I have been to the Woodward Avenue Dream cruise and Mustang Alley event in Ferndale Michigan the last 3 years in a row. What a Blast!!!


It is Much fun about 700 show cars in the Mustang Alley event and 40,000 cars cruising along with the Woodword Dreamcruise in Detroit.

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There is another thread already running that I started when registration opened.


Sharon has already advised if there is a Shelby / Dearborn meet this year it will be totally separate from the Woodward activities and

Mustang Alley.


If you choose to wait for a Dearborn confirmation then it's a waste of time to register for Woodward.


If you register for Woodward and Dearborn is a go then there will be no participation in the Woodward / Mustang Alley events.

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