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Vehicle Order ?'s


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1. Under product changes for the 2013 GT500 the "Front Air Splitter" is dealer installed. Is this (the splitter) an option that you have to order or are they just stating that when the vehicle is delivered the dealer will install the splitter? I am assuming it is shipping uninstalled to prevent damage and loading unloading problems on the transport vehicle.


2. What is "79V', miscellaneous?


3. I am assuming the Recaro's are both manually adjusted seats, the driver 4 way and the passenger 2 way. What does option/order code "21B'' Man Driver Seat indicate?


I am wanting a fully loaded coupe minus the stripes and glass top. I see one thing I will need to get the dealer to adjust on the attached order and that is option code "971" for the Full Vehicle Cover. Did I miss anything anywhere? The other thing I would really like is the Recaro's with the gray or silver accent that was available with the 2012's but not the 2013's.


Thanks for the inputs. Can't wait to get this and have a great ride again! I attached a copy of a Vehicle Order Confirmation that I think has everything on it I want except the cover.



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Congrats on your order, didn't know that Ford released the pricing yet..can you share with us what it cost, a breakdown by option would be great..

. Looked @ your attachment twice, don't see any 79V listed. On the order guide, 79V is misc. and under it says " COV required ".

Also, didn't find 21B on the order guide.

Could be different on 2013 MY, but in the past, if you order stripe delete, you get black seats with no stripes.

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