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Any gear heads in Houston?

Marshall Long

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+1 on it being off 249 and Louetta.


also, +1 for getting there early.


There are also a ton of other things to do for gear heads in the houston area. WHM (West Houston Muscle) does a gathereing all the time in Katy right off I-10, MCOH(Mustang Club of Houston) has meetings every month and they do cruises and car shows as well. Urban Speed has a get together on the second Sunday of each month. They aslo do cruises and other events periodically. That should get you started.

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Hey Marshal and Houston folks,

saw your post while I was out in California and just now getting to reply,

i'm in Friendswood and i'm also a new owner as of December

I'll also try and make the C&C sometime soon.

Selling my 66 next weekend and that will keep me ocupied but will

be more involved soon


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Hey all and Sherri,

I use to go every weekend with the 66 but when they closed Chic Felet down I quit.

been doing the Pairland Loews on Fridays

but after 8 years we have decided to sell the 66 and it will be delivered to the new owners this weekend!

I've been busy working on the Shelby adding my flare to it since I found it on a show room floor in Calorlina,

a Virgin 07 so to deal with the pain of selling my pride and joy 66 F100 I'm trying to focus on the Shelby,

already got a few mods on her and some sitting waiting to be installed.

soon I'll be doing the circuit of shows and meet and greet!

so look for me in Kemah soon

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