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Anyone want to do a pre-bash tuneup day at my house?

Fat Boss

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Guys n' Gals-


Is anyone interested in coming down to Morgan Hill on the weekend before the Bash to get the cars ready for the track? I was thinking either Sat the 10th or Sun the 11th. I'm planning on putting new brake pads on, removing the rear backing plates, maybe changing the oil, and just general pacing back and forth waiting impatiently for the Bash! We can also get our tech inspections done.


Anyone? I have the PowerStroke Diesel Truck guys over several times a year and we usually get over a dozen trucks from as far away as Oregon and Arizona!


I have room for six or so cars on my asphalt driveway and plenty of tools. Just off 101 and Bailey between San Jose and Morgan Hill.




Aaaaaaand since everyone on the 'net is a pic junkie, here's some pics from the truck days.







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OK, does anyone want to come over, sit in the chair, and bark orders at me with a bull horn while I work on mine? Someone has to have SOMETHING they need to do to their car! Oil change? Diff fluid? Trans fluid? Brake fluid flush with my Motive bleeder?

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I'm proficient at drinking beer while watching others work....however, my dance card is full on Saturday, I'll let you know about Sunday...tbd



Hey Tom..............I got that same talent :hysterical2:



Have a great Pre-Bash tuneup day guys.

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I knocked out the Sirius Satellite install today. The Boss comes with a base stereo so I added the iSimple kit which gives you sat radio and an iPod input. Also put some Pioneer speakers in the doors. It sounds a lot better.


To do list now is new brake pads, remove rear backing plates, and get some tools all ready to pack into the trunk.

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