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Shelby CS8 Used in Promotional Track Day Video


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Yes, the owner of this car "Steph" has had a couple of CS8 full and partial builds over the last few years and was involved with Sterling Ford in Ottawa to try and build and sell them as sanctioned packages but the deal with SAI fell through.

For a few years they held a car show which revolved around the CS6 / CS8 vehicles and the first year we had four completed vehicles which was the most I've ever seen in one location.


Steph had a custom designed GT/CS8 with lambo doors

Bill had his blue CS6 turn II coupe (USA)

I had my white CS6 turn II vert

Kevin had his red CS8 turn I coupe.


Right now there are two CS6 turn II verts, one CS8 turn I coupe and one CS8 turn II vehicles in Canada.

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Cool vid - thanks for sharing Greg.


Randy - I recall seeing pics of those four cars sat side by side - helped in my decision to build mine.



Yes, it was a very well put together CS6 / CS8 based show and to date the only one I have ever seen...


it was nice for a change to actually have these vehicles the focal point of an event rather having naysayers

calling them Shelby clones or wanna be Shelby's..


It's too bad Sterling couldn't have solidified something with SAI as they were really excited to build and sell these cars.


Robert and Sharon actually attended this event in Ottawa and drove a Hetz car so initially there must have been something in the works.


After this, SAI appointed Sean Hyland and I don't believe they ever built a single CS6 or CS8 vehicle although they did

build a few Supersnakes.



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Good to know Randy. I had thought Hyland built one CS car.



Anything is possible Greg and I could be misinformed, but to be certain we would need confirmation from someone at Sean Hyland.


I live in southern Ontario and they are only an hour or so from my shop and many TS members from Ontario frequent that facility.


There is usually a post or a mention of the Shelby upfit projects like SS packages done at SH as they haven't done that many over the past few years.


Even when I attend local car shows I've never seen one or heard of a CS6 or CS8 being produced there.


That's not to say they didn't as anything is possible but I think if they did, someone would have mentioned it as it is a rarity.


Maybe one of our TS members that have had, or is having work done at SH could ask the question for us as I'd like to know myself.

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My kit was supplied by Hylands - I was going to have them build it when they initially said it would earn the car a CSM but when they corrected that information the cost of shipping the car back & forth didn't make any sense.

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Ah ha. So, Hyland essentially helped Steve build his car. I knew there was mention of it somewhere. No worries.


Selling the kit or building a car is two different things.

Sterling Ford built two cars so the customer picked up a turn key unit.

I bought my kit and had everything shipped dierctly from SAI but they didn't build my car.


Sorry Greg...I can't give you this one..lol

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Hey guys, looks like I missed a few posts. First off, thanks for the history Randy and posting the video. Yes, at Sterling we first built the GT/CS8 version. With this, got the official ok to build the Shelby CS6/8. After two were built, one for Kevin Villeneuve and the other for myself, the franchise went to Hyland. Without having someone to promote and be passionnate about the car, not much was done afterwards. Shelby and I kept a close relationship regardless until last year. With the economy being what it is in the states, this has ended with a parting gift, CS Shelby valve covers.


To my knowledge, only 5 cars were officialized in Canada.

Randy: CS6 vert Turn II (White) - Toronto area, ON

Keving: CS6 Turn I (Red) - Ottawa, ON

Steph: CS8 Turn II (Blue) - Gatineau, QC


There's one in Aberta and one in Vancouver. Would be nice to have all the names.


P.S. My car does where the original wheels. I had a set of racing wheels for the track that I used not to damage the original one.

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