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Black Rim Help


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Has anyone gone with Black Rims?


Not mine but Just like it, less the window deletes



not that I'm a "Big" fan of colored rims but with my car,

I just think it might be a nice Mod?


that and the original rims have got some Curb Rash from the Previous owner


would like to see


And I've concidered talking to my Powder Coater and asking about powder coating the orginal ones black, with a little clean up maybe?

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I'm running American Muscle OEM style in black. I get plenty of positive comments. Here is a link with pix:




I'm changing to Toyo R888s and will be getting rid of the American Muscle rims in favor of 20" Steeda Spyder rims. Don't know if I'll stay with black or go machined.

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Not a Shelby, but the Saleen Parnelli Jones Edition wheels are powder-coated black, nine-inch in front, ten-inch rear, with 275-35 Michelin PS2s all corners:

Edit: they are 19 inches diameter.


(I'd sell if I didn't have to pack and ship)







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Thanks for the additional help,

personnally I'm leaning towards the American Muscle 2010 gloss black 5 spoke

as some of you have shown on your cars


I've ruled out powder coating the OEM rims, just in case I want to go back


but I'm continuing the search, something that my

Discount Tire Manager Buddy of mine can get!

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had some chrome 07-09 stockers narrowed/widened to 18x6 and 18x11 that I plasti dipped last week just to see how I'd like the look of a black wheel on my car. Turned out pretty good. Will probably sell my Alcoas and get some True Forged Chicanes in black



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I want to black out my stock GT500 wheels that I just use for track days. Is there something that I could spray on them that I could later remove should I ever want to return the stock wheels back? 2nd2none used some kind of plastic dip?


Never mind, found plasti-dip it at Home Depot!!!

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