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Heat exchanger Wire connections scare me.


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Recently purchased a 2011 Shelby gt500 race red, svt package.

Considering jlt pass side oil separator, & Afco dual pass twin fan h/e

As my first mods. H/e install sounds pretty straight forward, exept I may get a lil lost on the electrical part. Anyone have advice on this?

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Hopefully the instructions that came with it are good so you can follow them closely. What kind of advice do you need?


I wired my fans to run when the computer turns on the circulator pump. I have a pic that shows you where to connect the relay trigger wire if you need it.

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To have the fans work in conjunction with the heat exchanger circulator pump (which is controlled by the computer and tune), connect the relay trigger wire (my orange wire in the pics) to the white/red striped wire from the auxiliary relay box on the passenger-side shock tower:






Hope this helps. If you have any more questions that I could help you with, send me a PM.


And oh yeah, welcome to Team Shelby!!

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