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Coilovers - benefits?


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OK, this is a stupid question for I'm sure 90 percent of the readers out there, but can someone explain to me about coilovers, how they work, what applications are they good to use them on etc? I've been reading about getting Bogart wheels for DR and i've seen a bunch of posts that talk about how coilovers would benefit. As Schultz would say, 'I know nothin' about coilovers.

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The main benefit to coil overs is really infinate adjustment. Based on what you're doing, you can quickly change coils, adjust the shocks, etc. Ride height changes are also adjustable and fast. Depending on who's shocks you go with and how much you want to spend, you can get shocks that will do just about anything with dampening control. You can go with race shocks with remote reservoir and adjuster for quick adjustment if you are road racing and need different traction characteristics, on and on. Like if you are drag racing, I would imagine that you would want to switch to like a 200 lb spring in the back (very soft) for better weight transfer over the rear wheels, etc. So I would think that yes, you need to know your stuff to know how to properly adjust a good coil over, but the benefits if you are skilled are pretty great I would say based on what you would like to do. Now if you're just looking at street driving, Probably not necessary at all. But yea, if you want to get serious about adjustability of your suspension, then sure, huge benefits. If you have somebody around you that is skilled with shocks and such, go for it. I have a picture around here of a Winning Continental Challenge Mustang Boss 302R rear suspension with 1/2 sway bar, (about as big as your pinky, (if you have small hands) coil overs and that's just about it. Even for road racing, they set it up super soft with more sway bar in the front for maximum weight transfer pulling out of the corners. Most guys think you need a full stiff suspension for road racing, but that's really oposite of what these cars like. Heck, the Roush Mustang almost bottoms out the back of the car going around the corckscrew and Laguna Seca. I have pics of it also with the rear fender completely covering the top of the rear tire there. all the way down to the wheel, pulling the inside unsprung front wheel completely off the ground.

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