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Awesome vintage Shelby GT350-H sign on Ebay

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  • 3 weeks later...

The first auction was completed at $2500 but the authenticy was questioned by the winning bidder. A new auction was started with a bunch of qualifiers about the lack of ability to prove the history. Ultimately the second auction closed at $1,200. I watched the scond auction close and someone came in with 20 seconds left and the price went from ~$600 to $1,200 with nothing in between. Crazy....

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Wow.... what a revised auction description that's full of more disclaimers than proof of authenticity.


Had to chuckle at his Craigslist comment, just because the SAAC folks missed his Craigslist ads doesn't mean others did not see it. (see post #5)


As always buyers need to know what they are bidding on.



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