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2013 Mustang Commercial


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Did you guys notice the little girl's reflection in the side of GT500?



LOL...probably would'a missed it if you hadn't pointed it out.


Looks like they'll have some RAD colors for 2013! Shoot, I orginally had my eyes on trading in my 2010 on a '13 GT5 then nixed that in favor of a '13 Boss (thinking LS) but the thought of getting a Mustang GT w/5.0L engine and throwing a supercharger on it might be the ticket now.


WAYYYY cheaper'n a GT5 or a Boss 0-2. And Ford Racing can give me everything I want to satisfy "the mod bug".


I liked the Schoolbus Yellow Boss when I first saw but I L-O-V-E the Green w/Black car!





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Probably would not have caught that image unless you said something. Very cool!



Yeah and the car turns pink for a second like her outfit before it explodes into the Black GT500. I was thinking it was going to be one of the business guys looking at the GT500 until I saw her reflection. Great commercials always have some subtle meanings with the more obvious.

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