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20" rims for GT500KR

Don Breech

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Don, it's been done before with the super snake and KR is no different regarding wheel well size. I wouldn't do it myself, I just don't see the need. good luck.

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I wound up with 20x9 in front and 20x20 in back. Stealth black with Nitto INVO tires. Car is black on black and looks bad ass with this setup. Ride is amazingly better and QUIETER than with Goodyear tires on original wheels. This is for street use only. On the track different rims and Nitto NT01 tires do the trick nicely. Original wheels/tires in storage. I'd include a photo but can't figure out how. Any tutorials????

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Sign up at www.photobucket.com


its free.


Upload your pics to the website.


Put the mouse on the pic. A list of options will come up. URL, email, IMG, etc. There are four.


You want the IMG.


Slide the mouse down to the IMG and click on it. It will say, "copied".


Paste the image here.

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