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New from Chicagoland area...


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What's up! I just purchased a 2007 Shelby GT and was told I should register and check this place out. My car has been registered on here before, here are a few pics.








I've been in love with these since they came out and am excited to finally own one!

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Thanks everyone! I will be out this summer for sure. I can't wait for winter to be over.



Are you going to Track It? We have several Chicago Mustang folks doing a HOD event at the Autobahn the last Monday in April.

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I have really appreciated the info that's available on this site and any question is promptly answered from someone who really knows.

Enjoy your new wheels and try to make it to Sturgis for the rally over Labor Day!


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Welcome Haze,


You will soon find this hobby becomes an addiction like crack except there is no cure for Shelbyitis! When I first purchased my car I said "Wow, it is already tricked out, no need to do anything else"! Well.... then I discovered Shelby performance parts! Shhhhhhh my wife doesnt know that part!


Good luck to you and have fun!



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