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mp3 cd's?


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How do I burn an mp3 cd for play in the Shaker 500 system? I've selected the songs in my library that are already in mp3 format and burned them to a cd, but the player in the GT 500 keeps saying, "Bad disc." This is my 2nd or 3rd attempt and I'd like to quit wasting cd's...... I knew how to do this once upon a time, but I've lost it!


Thanks in advance!

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Not sure what software you're using to burn, or if you're using Windows' built-in burner functionality, but a data disc with MP3s must be "finalized" in order to be correctly read by the Shaker system. Make sure "Disc-At-Once" option is selected, or, if in Windows, there's a choice of two types of discs, make sure it's the one that can be read by most players (sorry, the exact wording is escaping me right now, as I have no discs to burn at the moment).


I know this was vague, but hopefully it helped...at least a little! :)

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