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SVTPP Suspension vs. Non SVTPP Suspension


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So to confirm the only difference is shocks, struts and springs on the SVTPP vs non SVTPP? So sways and panhard bar are the same on both cars? I'd like to have the same set up as the SVTPP but, need to know exactly what to get. I did some searching but, could not find the answer I wanted. Perhaps I did not google correctly. I'm more interested in the height/stance of the SVTPP as I'm looking to get the SVTPP wheels too. I think stock SVTPP ride height with the SVTPP wheels is nice. Low cost mod too...for the most parts.


I also read you could do only the springs...which would drop it by 1/4 and no panhard bar needed?


Sorry....been away for awhile with something else. Last car was an 09 GT500 and when I did suspension I had to do adjustable panhard...with springs.


Just trying to get updated...



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