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filesafe engine mode


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Hi everyone

Please help me in this if u can I just installed throtte body and supercharge elbo to my 07 GT500 after that I got filesafe engine mode error and the RPM is not moving from 900RPM even if I accelerate I really don't know what to do as I send justin an email and I'm still waiting for his replay..any one can help with advice?

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the elbow is (Silver GT500 High-Flow Inlet Elbow for TVS & Stock Blower +20-40HP) the throttle body is (65MM Cobra Jet Billet Aluminum GT500 Throttle Body)

all from VMPtuning ..my car already run VMP tune from justin and he told me i dont need new tune for this parts as my car will adjust .when i first install it i started the car and the RPM shows 2500RPM and not coming down .then after some advice i disconnect the battery for 15 min then connect it then reload the tune then stared the car then the RPM shows normal 900RPM but its shows filesafe engine mode and the RPM not moving even is i accelerate .I connect my SCT and run the error cods its shows (P2104 and P2112) which is about throttle body and TPS ,i did check again nothing wrong its all connect and there is no air leak , then i clear the cods by SCT then disconnect the battery for 15 min then connect it and start the car it was same .. i toke off the throttle body and the elbow and install the stock one then the car run fine.technical gus says that the throttle body is stays close and not responding .

any one can help with a dvice please i send justin email about it am sure he will replay ones he read it .

thanks in advance


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did anyone face same problem before?


Yes, I did. My car would go into failsafe under hard acceleration and would throw the same codes, datalogged it and sent it to Justin. He adjusted the tune and it never hapened again. I think mine was the torque limit as a part of Ford's protection stategy, once I was over the torque limit, the car shut down the throttlebody and the computer went into failsafe .

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