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Online Seller Auctioning 7 Cars for $680,000 - 5 are Shelby Models


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As many of you know, I occassionally check out the internet for Shelby items. So, I come across this ebay auction for a lot of 7 cars; 5 of which are Shelbys... supposedly. The seller doesn't offer much information. But, the price of $680,000 would still be $97,000 per car. I know the 67-68 GT500s are worth a good amount, but the 71 Boss probably isn't. Any at rate, check this out.




I reall wish the pictures were better.

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Groovy collection...i'm figuring about 550-575k, assuming the cars are all #1 condition



Nice call I think! When I looked at this yesterday, I came up with somewhere between $500-$575 ish also. Again assuming pretty top notch condition. Would make a nice start to a cool collection. Nope, I didn't win the powerball the other day, so it won't be me!

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