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Gotta love people on youtube trying to argue with ya

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I made a comment on a GT500 video a few months ago, and the guy put in the description saying it was a SuperSnake, and the title of the video says "SuperSnake" I made the comment "the way you can tell it isnt a supersnake, is because it doesnt have flat black stripes".


Then 2 days ago, the guy was like you are wrong its a SS, and he goes on saying its a SS because the snake logo is on the right side (if you are looking it straight on) of the grille. I replied saying all stock 07-09 GT500's have the snake there, then I started to point out how it wasnt a SS, because the SHELBY was on the left side of the decklid not centered like a SS, the flat black stripes is skinny fat skinny instead of 2 fat white stripes that are on the car in the video, then want on telling what SS has that are not on a stock GT500.


Long story short, now he replies back to me this morning saying he "knew" the car wasnt a SS the whole time. :doh:


I am like if he knew it wasnt a SS the whole time, why did he contact me in the 1st place saying it was a SS when I made the comment it wasnt a SS


gotta love those type of people haha

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Was at a show last year and a young man had a 500 and he had bought ,and was wearing, a Super Snake hat and coat - I guess that made it a super snake. :drool:



I was at Spring Carlisle last year, and in the car corral there was a Guy selling a White GT500, to me it looked ugly because it had huge white rims with red paint work on the rim. I dont like Black or matching color wheels, just not my style. Anywho, on the price page he said "GT500 SuperSnake" :doh: i was going to go up and be like where is the CSM badge, haha. But I kept on walking

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