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Big Thanks to glroy


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Today I received a fantastic surprise from Glen and Lisa........a poster of a pig running on the road. :hysterical2:happy%20feet.gif :beerchug:

Marji and I were initiated into the Terlingua family in a unusual way and this poster (along with my favorite t-shirt) celebrates that occasion.

I'm starting a drive to get this poster signed by everyone at the 2011 Terlingua event.



Glen and Lisa, you two are absolutey wonderful, wonderful people. I'm blessed to call you my friends.

Thank you so very much.


Dan & Marji

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Dan, I will be proud to sign!!!! Though the only Pig I saw was a Pigmican!!!! :hysterical:


Nice Glen and Lisa!






Thanks David...........It may take a bit to get all the signatures but that's my goal.


Thanks again Glen and Lisa. :wub:

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