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Has anyone fitted or know if you can get a 200mph speedometer for the super snake (GT500)



The "yet to be released" 2013 GT500 has a 200mph speedo in it.


Not too sure if it will retrofit since it's driven by the PCM and that changed with the 2011 MY.




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That would be cool to have in my SS. :rockon:



My thinking is, it SHOULD retrofit.


The speedo head is a output device. I know the inputs changed (for instance, a frequency based MAF vs. a digital based MAF in earlier models) and I'm pretty sure the baud rate changed (they do nearly every year) but the outputs are all pretty much the same. Baud rate shouldn't matter, that's just the processor (CPU) speed. The serial bus is the same if I remember right so....I *think* it should work (when you say "I think" it really means "I don't KNOW").




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Thanks for the information

I just think that it needs one I get people sitting in the car and saying 750 HP and it only does 160 are you sure it is 750 HP

Would be really good if Shelby could supply one from their catalog

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