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Need Help Deciding On Which Clutch To Go With!


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Dear guys,



I am about ready to get my new clutch installed in my 2008 GT500, but I wanted to know which clutch I should go with. I had it set up to get the SPEC Super Twin- SS Trim, and I was more than likely going to replace the Concentric Slave Cylinder since I don't know how old the one is in my car currently....it has 61000 miles. I got the bright idea to call the SPEC company and pick their heads before I did the install, and the gentleman told me that I could to a SPEC Stage 3+ clutch with a SPEC steel flywheel (not aluminum) and to still change out the slave cylinder since I didn't know how old mine was or the maintenance record on the car.

Suffice it to say, I am a bit confused. I mean, I know I would save some money, I guess, going the route of the Stage 3+ instead of the Super Twin- SS Trim, but on the other hand, I know that the car technically comes stock with a twin disc set up, so should I stick with the same and stay true to the car's roots? I hope all this doesn't sound crazy, but this is my FIRST clutch job, so if anyone can relate to that, then you know that my goal is to do it right.

The SPEC guy recommended the Stage 3+ because I told him that I have a JLT CAI, an SCT-Tune, Corsa Exhaust, and 3.73 gears on the car now....that more than likely will change as time goes on (I am a hot rodder...can't help it...my 04 Mach 1 got me into to it). The guy said that the Stage 3+ could handle up to 750-800 rwhp, but he had heard of guys doing even more. He said even if/ when I put a different pulley on the car, the Stage 3+ could handle it. And he said it is good for daily driving, since when i get into the car I will drive it daily....especially since I haven't driven it in a while....I am NEVER letting it go! The SPEC guy also told me that they don't rebuild the Stage 3+ like they do the Super Twin Clutches, so I am also thinking about down the road too...when I have to do this again...prayerfully A LOT SOONER than later!!!! Maybe the Super Twin might be a viable option when looking at it from that stand point?????

Anywhoot, could someone please give me some feedback...I would really appreciate. I want to get my car back on the road ASAP haven't driven in hardly since the week before Thanksgiving, so I am salvating to put hand around the ball of that short throw gear shift and hear that sound of the engine again, but I want to do it right and again this is my first clutch job, so prayerfully you guys can understand/ relate to that!

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