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Need recommendations for tires - traction/launch issues


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I'm looking for some advice on tires and control arms for my 2008 GT500 vert.


Here's my situation: I've added axle back FRPP mufflers, upper pulley, VMP intake and tune. At this point, my back tires might as well be bologna skins! On a smooth street, I'm still fish-tailing in 3rd gear with T/C left on. So, in asking around, I've been told I would benefit most at this point from better tires and probably control arms.


I'd like to order tires that would work well (if possible) for all of these:


1. occasional weekend driving and the periodic stomp on the gas and launch traction

2. 1/4 mile drag strip

3. Ponies in the Poconos track event (coming up in the Spring).


I called Ford Racing, and they don't make control arms for my application, and said I'd need to go with aftermarket arms (fine with me, but I thought I'd try to stick with FRPP if possible).


I also called Nitto, and they (unofficially) recommended that I consider the NT555R for my application. The NT05R is was also a good choice, but for the curvy track they said that the 555R will work better.


My intent up to this point is to get the NT555R's (stock size), install them on the stock rear rims, and use them as a multi purpose tire to cover occasional track visits and weekend driving - in other words, leave them on. I realize they won't last all that long, but I have only been putting about 1500 miles per year on the car, since I never drive it in the rain or in any kind of inclement weather.


Any thoughts or opinions on this plan? If these tires sound feasible for what I've described, any recommendations on which control arms to consider?

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I have been facing the same dilemma after doing some research I am going to go with the Mickey Thompson et streets drag radials, 305-45-18, best traction for a drag radial, at lease from what I have found talking to the guys at the track, pump em up after the track and they are pretty good on regular street driving as well, with the exception of hard cornering. Something to consider anyhow, they also make them in stock size as well..

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I know several guys who run 555s on their Shelbys with great success. Some have also used the INVO tire and like it. I use Nitto NT 01s 275x40x18 all around for road racing courses in dry conditions on my GT500KR and they work great. For daily driver/road course combo try the 555s. The INVOs are quieter and ride better overall, but probably not best for road racing, IMO.

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