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2006 Mustang GT 5R55S Transmission expires at 38292 Miles


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Well it happened to my 06 Mustang GT at the magical mileage number of 38,000. The transmission according to the Ford planning - went kaput. First after warming up the shift from 2nd to 3rd slipped and ground a bit. I did a whole bunch of research and study and was astounded how many Auto transmissions are packing at very low mileage, but most conveniently after the 36,000 (warranty) miles on the 2006's. Maybe Ford should have taken the OBAMA bailout and developed a better automatic tranny.


I followed the initial advice I found, change the filter, install a higher capacity pan with a dipstick for checking and filling and of course use Mercon V. Some black fine residue on the magnet. Did all that, filled her to capacity - checked when warm - right up to the full line perfectly. Took it for a drive and she revs up pretty high and smooth, but slips from take-off and revs like crazy when down shifting. Re-checked level when hot - right up to snuff. So here I sit trying to figure out what to do next. Tackle it myself - looks daunting, take it in - looks expensive. Servo failure, input shaft, solenoid, bands or all of the above? Looked at PTC TH400, 4R70 whatever, is probably too much like race trannies -at 69 am too old for that. Leaning towards pulling it out and getting a kit for repair. Level 10, TCI, Ford or something. If I do it myself many go crazy trying to figure out where the pieces go.


Have C&l Racer, delete places pullies, Comp Cams 127300, 410 Ford Gears I just redid with a perfect gear pattern - absolutely quiet. Brenspeed 91 tune for all the add-ons. Ran great with RWHP somewhere below 350. The transmission had no reason to and should not have packed it in. Never raced and the car ran great and I tried to drive it as often as I could. I'm just venting here and have the rest of the winter here in Alberta to do something with this car I love to drive.

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