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Got me some new rotors!!!


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Check out what I just picked up.


I got these rotors from Full Tilt Boogie Racing. These are there street/strip 14" 2 piece rotors for the stock GT500's Brembo brake package. There 5.52 lbs lighter then stock each and are directionally vented, slotted, stress relieved and clear zinc plated. Very nice quality.


They also have a front heavy duty road race version that is thicker walled then the stock Brembo's but are 1.44 lbs lighter each and move more air due to the directional venting.


There rear rotors are 2.44 lbs lighter then stock each. I wasn't able to pick them up right now due to a lack of funds, but wanted to take advantage of their winter sale.


Unfortunately it is still cold out and I won't be installing them until spring. By then I should have the rear ones too. I can't wait to see what they look like installed.







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i have looked at these as well, wish they were a little cheaper








As far as two piece rottors go these are some of the best prices that I have found, especially with the 10% discount they are running right now. Also once you have bought them, if you ever need replacments all you need is the rotor rings.

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