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2009 GT500 Suspension project about to commence


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So I've completed most of my research and just have a few final questions:


1. Leaning towards the aluminum Fays2 (Shelby) Watts Link. The steel version looks nice, but that billet aluminum is just drop dead gorgeous. I've been reading other posts about the rear axle being as much as an inch off center when installing parts from the FR3 suspension pack and then needing an adjustable panhard bar to get the axle back in line. If I go with the Fay's, will I be able to adjust the positioning of the axle if need be? Should I just stick with the adjustable panhard bar instead?


2. My car already has the FR3 springs and I don't need another strut tower brace so that leaves the shocks and sway bar kit. I think the swaybar kit is a no brainer, but I'm on the fence about buying the shock/strut kit that come with the FR3 pack or should I go with the Eibach coil overs Shelby has on sale. At the end of the day, it will basically be the same price to purchase. Logic tells me the coil overs are the way to go, but the shocks/struts were designed to work together with rest of the FR3 parts. So which should I go with???


3. Upper and lower control arms... Was originally thinking I would hold off for a while on these, but decided to knock everything out at once. For the LCA's, I see two options from Shelby: adjustable and non adjustable. The adjustables are less expensive but I did notice a warning these may increase interior noise and rattles. My car will be on the street most of the time and just planning a few track days. Thoughts on which ones to go with?


Thanks for your input in advance!

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Fay's 2 allows you to center the rear axle.


Forget the Eibachs, and get Tokico D Specs to go with your FRPP springs. D Specs can be easily adjusted for a great ride and firmed up for a track day.


For a primarily street application, go with LCAs with grease-able neoprene bushings at both ends. They are stronger and more rigid than stock, but do not add any annoying sounds from heim joints.


You may want to consider an adjustable UCA. Lowered cars need to have the pinion angle adjusted.

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