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2007 GT Conv. with Pony stripes - pix please


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I just bought an 07 GT Convertible, Charcoal color - it's my 3rd Mustang, but 1st GT - what a difference!!!!!


I ordered the stripes pictured in the link below (in silver), and now can't decide whether I want to put them on. I know it's personal preference, stripes or no stripes, cool or dorky ... trying to impress the ladies (they all seem to like them, cuz ponies are cute) or look tough (the guys that I know say "don't do it").


So, I have had plenty of input, but I would really like to see them on the car. Does anyone have a picture of what I am describing?





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You're not going to impress the ladies with that. And, yes, they'll look dorky - not trying to be rude, but I just want it to be clear (blunt).


My wife pointed something out to me which I know now to be true; the only people that "notice" guys in Mustangs are other guys.

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