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Feb. 2012 Car & Driver GT500 (and bonus Boss 302 LS) content


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Car and Driver's Feb. issue has a 3 page 2013 GT500 "reveal" article, not a road test. C&D is claiming no worse than 3.7 sec 0-60 and mid 11's quarter mile. Pretty consistent with the MM&FF predictions. I'd guess SVT is hinting numbers they are pretty confident will be achieved when actual road test articles are done later in the year.


Overall a very good article, puts lots of info in one place, but nothing I hadn't seen before from one source or another.


(Same issue has Z06 @ 3.5 sec 0-60 and 11.6 sec 1/4 mile, GT-R @ 3.0 0-60 and 11.2 sec 1/4 mile.)


It is also the C&D Lightning Lap issue and they brought a Boss 302 LS this year.


Boss LS Lightning Lab of VIR at 3.02.8. Believe the 2011 SVTPP GT500 last year did 3.04.0. This years ZR1 is in at 2:50.7....


I'm reading the on-line Zinio version. I suspect news stand availability soon and then C&D starts to trickle the individual articles out on its website until the next new issue is out.

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Launch control and the transmission gearing are game changers for the GT500 probably going to be a standard from now on for the mustang. They are going for consistent launches that the avg. person can pull off plus the transmission stuff is to help save the trans and clutch.

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