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Feb '12 issue of MM&FF...........


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Cool article, I got my issue in the mail a few days ago. He also says that in optimal condtions, perhaps quicker and faster.

This car will spank the zl1 camaro. I have my doubts that the zl1 will out perform the current GT500.


it will kill the SCRAPMARO zl1 in everything.i am glad that you point out what i have said.the zl1 may not even beat the current GT500.remember Evan Smith pulled a 11.9@120 on stock tires i think in a 2010.you cant go by the 12.4 others claim.they cant drive.
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Its on news stands just go to a truck stop or gas station, I am sure they would have a copy.


I bought a copy at a gas station because I couldn't wait...... a week later my subscription arrived in my mail box.


I am surpised that people who subscribe do not get their copy before the news stands.

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