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VMP TVS vs FRPP TVS physical comparison


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My VMP 2.3L TVS supercharger upgrade has been on the market for over a year now, however there is still some confusion as to what separates it from the Ford Racing TVS.


I have ran a TVS on my personal 2007 Shelby GT500 since December of 2007. After years of testing, tinkering, and tuning on the TVS I found out what works and doesn't work. Back in those days you had to buy an off the shelf TVS, swap out the pulley, and port the inlet to make really good power. This was time consuming and messy. There had to be a better way.


In December of 2010 I launched the VMP Spec TVS. The VMP TVS incorporates everything I have learned about modifying the TVS, in a complete and cost-effective turn-key package, with a 12 month warranty (you loose that when grinding on your Ford TVS).


There are three major differences in the VMP TVS that allow it to perform very well.


The VMP TVS is specially machined to accept down to a 2.500" pulley. Other TVS' are limited to a 2.59" or 2.60" pulley due to the way they are machined.


The VMP blower can be purchased with a stock look 2.5" pulley or an interchangeable pulley system that includes 2.5", 2.75", and 3" pulleys.




The 2.5" pulley makes 17psi, which is the jumping off point for a hi-po street GT500 IMO. A 2.6" pulley limits you to 16psi and requires an OD lower pulley to make any more boost. The VMP TVS still supports the use of a 10% or 15% OD lower pulley, which makes 20-21psi. A 2.6 upper and 10% lower limits you to about 18psi.


The VMP TVS inlet opening is CNC ported to improve airflow into the supercharger:




The VMP TVS includes a VMP high-flow inlet elbow as part of the package.




The VMP elbow is designed to match the TVS perfectly. It can be added to the Ford TVS but requires grinding on the blower housing itself, which risks contamination of the blower.


I designed the VMP TVS blower upgrade to be an affordable and well performing package, starting at $3500 for the blower/pulley/elbow or $4000 for a complete kit with tuner, plugs, and idler.



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Great info Justin, even for a customer already running your products. I can honestly say that the VMP TVS is easily my favorite mod in both performance and appearance under the hood, and my car is modified in virtually every category. Thanks for the great customer service as well.

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