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TRLNGWA car cover identification

Frank S

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Just so this forum will not be entirely stagnant:


I had one car cover stolen, so I'm hoping this newer one will not be so attractive to your standard, thoughtful thief.




"TRLNGWA" is my personalized license plate; the characters signify "Vital Force" and "Hare/Rabbit". You could read it as "Power of the Bunny". I'm looking for the character for "Fear", to place in front of the first one.

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Hey Frank,


Drifting is a form of Japanese auto racing involving sliding your race car around the turns of a race course without spinning out. Involves rear-wheel drive cars and has expanded beyond the land of the rising sun. In fact Vaughn Gittin Jr. (among others) races a Monster Energy Drink sponsored pimped out Ford Mustang on the international drift race circuit, you can check him out on Youtube or at his website. Makes me wonder how a Terlingua would do in this style of racing......????



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Here's the rear of the cover with three symbols: Fear, Vital Force, Hare/Rabbit.

"Fear the power of the Bunny"!




Now it looks to me as if it could use a fourth symbol at the right side, to balance the direct-view aspect.

Any suggestions?


For example: "Fear the Power of the Bunny; So Be It!"

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Missed your chance: I looked at words like Rapid, Quick, Violent, Beautiful, but the one that seemed to fit best was Society/Club.


So, there you have it: Fear, Vital Force, Hare/Rabbit, Society/Club.


"Fear (the Power of) the Bunny" Club.





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