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Amigo GT500

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This is the story:


- Last Tuesday I received my new wheels and tires from Cruizin Concepts. They were mounted, balanced and TPMS installed.

- Tires Plus installed on my car that evening. No errors display.

- I didnt drive the ccar on Wednesday.

- Yesterday on the way to my office and the tire pressure sign came up so I tok the car to a Tire shop and the tires were desinflated and inflated this time with Nitrogen

- On the way back to the office not only the pressure sign was on but the TIRE PRESSURE MONITOR FAULT sign as well....


What do I do?

- Cruizin Concept will say that they installed in the proper way

- Tires Plus will say that they only mounted the tires on the car.

- Other shop (Paul's Tires) will say that they only filled with nitrogen

- Finally the dealer will say that they are not responsible because I am using an aftermarket wheels (CS70) and tires (TOYO PROXES4)


What do I do? I don't want to live with that error sign showing in the display.... :shrug:


Thanks for any advise......



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Did you train them using the method shown in the users manual? They will not work, otherwise.



I was checking the users manual yesterday but I didnt find anything about to fix this issue.....The only that I found was ".....check with the dealer......."

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Im assuming they're sending the sensors out to you now but you should also make them pay you the cost of having a tire shop install them since you'll have to get the tires pulled and then remounted/balanced.



The only that I could get from them is refund the cost of the sensors. Those guys are nut...Read what they said when I made the complain:


"I do understand that I quoted you with TPMS and you paid for it but you did get a invoice for you to look over to see if it was right. What I can do for you is refund your card $208.05 and you can get them installed at your local shop. That is the best thing to do"

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Can the sensor be turned off with a new tune? Just a thought.



A new tuner and tune is gonna cost him around 400 bucks.


I suggest he take the refund and check with a local tire shop to get prices on a set of new sensors and installation.


I have a set of KR wheels on mine with the early style TPMS's and get the tire monitor light and message. I checked with a local shop and they will sell me a full set of 4 sensors for $80 and install (mount & balance) them for $10 per tire so $120 total.


He'd be money ahead if Greg/Cruizin' Concepts refunds him $200+.


Having said that, I now know that *I* will NEVER be doing business with Greg/Cruzin' Concepts. That was NOT the propper way to handle the situation. He quoted him and CHARGED him for the sensors but then says that since he sent him a inovioce to look over (which WOULD INCLUDE THE SENSORS, if he was CHARGED for them) that Greg/CC isn't responsible.




I hope you read this, GREG!



In My Honest Opinion/IMHO,


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Cruizin Concepts just confirmed that they forgot to install the TMPS :club:





Then Greg should have you return the wheels AT HIS EXPENSE, put the sensors you were CHARGED FOR in the wheels and send them back to you AT HIS EXPENSE....AND, reimburse you for the expense of mounting them on your car one time and whatever additional costs you incurred due to HIS MISTAKE.


There is a right way and a wrong way to do business. The decision to do right or wrong is his....and the decision for me to buy from him or not, is mine.



Phill (this isn't the first major complaint I've read/heard about, Re: Cruzin' Concepts)

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What I meant was, since VMP wrote the tune for his car already, I didn't know if Justin could or would write him a new one to shut off the light on the dash.



Oh, I didn't know he did.


That would change things. No need to buy the tuner, just the tune, or possibly JS would tweak his existing tune to remove the TPMS fault light. If that's possible.



sorry 'bout that,


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