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Cobra symbol under our names? What does it mean?


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When someone posts, you can see a Cobra symbol under their avatar, some people have Team Shelby Member patch, some is a Team Shelby Moderator, i understand them......they are self-explanatory. I have 1 Cobra emblem and I seen some with two, I think the old forum had dots or something


So what does the Cobra mean?

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I think I'm up to a dozen or so posts. (I've had the SGT500 for six hours!)


So I can BUY my way into exclusivity and get a biggo Cobra under my name?! Who knew?


By the way... The reason why I'm not out driving it right now? Its snowing!

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I purposely didn't pay so I'd have all these cobras under my name. :happy feet:





And Hawkbarr was busting MY ass for having Twenty Five HUNDRED posts!!!


EDIT: Huh, I just noticed my two little Cobra's went away when I renewed my TS membership. So does that mean I need to let it lapse next year so I can have a bunch?




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