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Happy Thanksgiving

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Even with all the problems we face as a country we still live in the GREATEST COUNTRY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH.


Those of us who enjoy this forum are those who can truly count our blessings for they far outweigh the troubles and difficulties we experience personally or those we see played out on our TV's nightly.


So I'd love to hear what you are most Thankful for:


I have so much to be Thankful for but I will keep it to giving Thanks for the most important: First for it effects all the rest-God and my faith in Him; followed by my wonderful husband, the relationships I have with my children and Grandson, great friends, my health, and living in the greatest country in the whole world.


I wish for everyone of you that you would have a Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.

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Thanks Tana, and right back atcha! After reading your list I think mine may follow very closely....

Our faith is always foremost, without the Lord we are nothing....

Family was always a given to me, and still is (you hear of those who do not speak or communicate with their parents or children, those I continue to pray for).

I guess it may be a little selfish but I will have to put my wife after my children.

Followed by friends, those I've had all my life and the new ones I've recently met.


Have a great Thanksgiving everybody.

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Everyday when I get home and have a minute to decompress, I take a moment, and and absorb all the good that surrounds me. And for that I am truly thankful.


Tomorrow, off to the shelter at 5:30am to help prepare food for 200+ people in need.

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I'm thankful to G-D for being alive with all my working body parts after deploying to Iraq, having a great wonderful and supportive wife, our family and true friends who always has our best interests, a great job in these hard trying times and thankful for our men in uniform that have signed on the dotted line to keep us all safe.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow TS members.


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I am so very Thankful that by the Grace of God, my 30 year old son is well into his 10th month of recovery. It's been many years since he has been at our house for Thanksgiving. What a blessing it is for our entire family. I thank God that my Dad is not as sick as he was last month and that he will be able to be with us today at our Thanksgiving family meal. I am grateful that I still have a job and that I do not have to work out of town.


My house will be filled with family today and we will all say a prayer before we break bread. :)

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